I’ve always been curious about how others go about gathering their tools. I feel like the best way is to go to a place where your faith will be respected and catered to so that you can handle each of the items you are considering purchasing. But as a new Wiccan, I’ve found this can be intimidating. The one time I went to a Pagan store was with an older woman who had been there before, and I still felt overwhelmed. These sanctuaries of old are places that the vast majority of us are raised to be blind to; I was unprepared for the energy that was present. It was a good energy, but it was more than my underdeveloped senses could handle. In addition to being a newbie and so feeling out of place, I’ve found that there aren’t many stores in the area that I’ve moved to. Would that Wiccan and Pagan stores were as common as Christian bookstores. *sigh* Anyway, I’ve posted a poll below.

What is your preferred method of obtaining your tools? Next post we’ll look at cleansing methods for newly acquired objects.