I am a freelance writer, and even though my publication list is somewhat small and hasn’t grown much recently, I still go looking for open contests or writing markets. One of the things that often strike me is a faith requirement. It’s standard practice to do your research on a publisher/market/company before submitting anything, and if the company has a Christian slant, it’s going to be right there on their About page. I’ve seen a number of companies host contests with themes like faith and perseverance and strength. I always wonder what would happen if I were to submit an article within their guidelines, but from a Wiccan perspective. I’m still writing about what they wanted, but at that point I’ve broken an unwritten rule. Christians want Christian literature.

I feel like this is an area for experimentation and getting word out there about what Wicca really is, and who practices it. How different are two perspectives about having faith in a greater being? They might differ on some points, visualize that deity differently, label themselves differently, but both are fundamentally focused on faith. That being said, can one call the other wrong because it is different, and can two faiths at such odds be at all alike?

All paths lead to the same mountaintop, and when we ALL realize that, the world will be a better place.