How to create your own rituals

Wicca is a faith that is based on the individual, which means that everything that makes one feel spiritually connected to the All can be changed to suit that individual. We can choose how we want to visualize the Goddess, what to do to celebrate our holy days, whether we want to be part of a coven or solitary. We can write our own spells and rituals.

Generally speaking though, having the ability to write your own rituals doesn’t mean you get a free-for-all pass to do whatever. There are basics that govern the writing and practicing of rituals, established methods that are proven to be effective, and associations that need to be taken into consideration. A Samhain ritual that incorporated fresh fruits would not flow appropriately. There is an art to writing rituals, and like any other kind of writing, it takes practice and research.

These are some basics to keep in mind when designing your own; they can be used as a step by step guide to creating a ritual or as focal points for a single spell. Also consider that the Reed says, “To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme.

  • Purification of self

This is a release of all worries and problems related to the physical world. This is the time when you give yourself over to just being. Some common methods for purifying yourself include ritual bathing, playing music that speaks to your soul, and letting a gust of wind strip the negative from you.

  • Purification of space

The space in which you preform your spells and rituals needs to be void of the negative. Outside spaces rarely need to be purified, but indoors areas often accumulate emotional “garbage” that can interfere with your workings. I usually lock the door, turn off all electronics and light several different candles. After meditating for as long as I need to, I cast my circle.

  • Creating sacred space

How will you choose to arrange the space within your circle? Where will your altar, whether permanent or temporary, be placed? How will you recognize the four cardinal directions, or pay tribute to the energies that you call to witness your rite? The particulars in how you set up your circle can either help or hinder you once you begin your spell or ritual.

  • Invocation

Invoking your deity is a powerful, often healing experience.  This may be done through reading a prayer that means something to you, by presenting gifts, dancing, or any number of ways that you feel will both acknowledge and please the gods. Invocation requires a willingness to open yourself and your soul up to the deity you are calling on, a willingness to mesh with that power.

  • Energy raising

This is the natural movement of energies to achieve an end. In theory, this is what practicing magick is. In most of your rituals, energy will be raise naturally and can be directed as you need, but you can also preform spells specifically for energy raising. Be cognizant of the energy you raise; if you call it to your aid, respect it and use it carefully. Give no reason to offend.

  • Earthing the power

This is the second part of raising energy. At the end of a ritual, you may well still have residual energy that was not used, or pieces that were left behind when the rest went. This energy may be within your physical body or within your circle. In either case, you cannot simply dismiss the energy. To dispel it properly, it must be “earthed” or made to fit smoothly back into the energies around it.

  • Thanking the Goddess and God

You should always thank the Goddess and God at the end of your rituals. You set out with a purpose, called Them to witness your rite, and They did, and you owe them thanks for it. Thanks may be expressed in giving gifts, or speaking a prayer. I like the notion of thanking the Mother outside of ritual too, and am working on a prayer to do just that, which will be posted upon its completion.

  • Breaking the circle

Breaking the circle is the method by which you return your sacred space to ordinary space, and depends upon the method in which you created the circle. If you walked the perimeter to establish the wall, then walk the circle backwards to release it. You can also use a magic knife to “cut” the wall down.  No matter how you choose to break the circle though, always remember to thank the Four Corners for standing guard over your space.


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