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Here is the photo promt for this week’s FridayFictioners 100 word stories. I know it’s Saturday, but I still like to participate. You can each join up if you wish. Visit Madison’s blog to get the photo prompt every week!

Failing Spell

Mother above, the sun was setting too quickly, she fretted. It was too soon! She wasn’t ready. None of them were. The air was heavy, the weight of night setting in oppressive. The daylight was being sapped like her stillness. She hid it well, but she shook. She knew the others were looking to her to be calm, to lead them, to protect them even in failure. And fail they would, she feared. She could not say the words quickly enough, the blood did not drip swiftly enough, the spell was not yet woven.

She knew deep in her bones the moment it became too late because her blood ran cold and her heart seized. She kept weaving.


About Ayslyn'sCorner

I am an eclectic Pagan bordering on atheist who has made her way through a number of different spiritual spaces. You might wonder what a person self-identifying as an atheist has to discuss in a religion/spiritual context – and, well, so do I. That’s one of the things I aim to explore on Ayslyn's Corner. Check out Ayslyn's Corner at http://www.ayslynscorner.wordpress.com Check out Invisible Ink Blog at http://www.whitneycarter.wordpress.com Check out wombs in rebellion at http://wombsinrebellion.wordpress.com/
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10 Responses to #FridayFictioners Failing Spell

  1. Madison Woods says:

    Awesome imagery. This sounds like it could be part of a larger story too. Are you writing one or is it already written?

    Mine was just a snippet but the story isn’t written and is a long ways from getting written. I use the flashes for prompts later when I need another short story idea.

  2. Thanks Madison! 🙂 It’s kind of a spin off from the book that I’m currently reading. The walls between this world and the Fae world come crashing down on Halloween night, when a certain Irish clan fails to perform the spells that will keep the walls in tact. I was more just playing with the idea than anything.

  3. Tiyana says:

    Weaving a spell… I like it! I don’t know what spell it is, but it don’t sound good, lol.

  4. The Lime says:

    Oh I’m so glad I got to the flashes late. This is another of my favorites for the week because it seems like you just took this really simple idea of running out of time and depicted it so clearly. Thanks for writing!

  5. Lette's Chat says:

    I found my way here via Tom Joyce’s blog. Merry meet and bright blessings! Your site is GREAT. Now, if I can only figure out how to do all of this stuff!

    • Lette,
      Thanks for the comment! Could you post a link to Tom’s blog? The name doesn’t sound families, but I’d like to check it out. Thanks! And if you ever need help with your blog, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help anyway I can. 🙂

  6. J.D. says:

    Very striking imagery. Lovely job.

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