Wicca is a faith with very few set rules. While we acknowledge the existence of a Goddess and a God, that’s the only solid. Everything else about those deities, even what they look like, is changeable. Wicca is unique in this aspect, especially compared to Christianity’s Jesus, who is easily identifiable even to those who are less than familiar with that religion. Jesus’ physical appearance doesn’t play much of a role in the practice because, I believe, it’s static. There’s no room for practitioners to create an image of that deity because changing him would be viewed as a perversion of what Jesus stood for.

Visualizing the Goddess and God in a way that speaks to Wiccans and Pagans is an important part of the faith. After all, your goal is to commune with the All, and many of us are Wiccan because we could not connect with a stoic image we had no part in creating.

My visualization of the Mother Goddess is always in flux. I like to picture Her as a beautiful woman with glowing skin, sitting beside a woodland pool, surrounded by animals and flowering plants. I see Her enjoying the dappling sun and the slight breeze—then opening Her eyes and smiling at me. Sometimes She sits on her great throne in a regal, white dress, holding a conference with the powers that be and Her children. Other times, She is angry, and storms brew in Her eyes.

But that is just the human representation. It’s much more complex than that. I see the Goddess in everything around me. Every piece of Nature is a facet of Her. Every storm that rolls through is Her. I see Her in others’ actions, their understandings, the things they still have to learn. She is the essence of the world around me. She is as much a part of the tree as the tree is.

How do you visualize the Goddess and the God?