Merry Yuletides

Ah, the dreaded bite of summer’s bane… Winter is quickly approaching, and in some places has already arrived. Whether you herald this slow-paced world by the cold or the increased darkness, there’s no doubt that the sand in the hourglass is running out.

This holiday season brings out both the best and the worst of people, like Mother Nature shows the strength and fragility of all living things in bare contrast. We play cheery music and make memories to last a lifetime, but secretly we harbor dread and hate for certain people, customs or expectations. We shower our loved ones with gifts that we pepper sprayed others to obtain. There is no time of year that brings out such polar opposites in us.

I saw a Facebook post a few days ago that was both disappointing and typical. The poster declared to all that she was tired to people saying Happy Holidays and trying to take Christ out of Christmas; why don’t you think of all the Christians you are offending by trying to remove their savior from his holiday. Of course, I couldn’t let the comment slide, so respectfully replied that Christmas is a modern adaptation of a much older holiday that was practiced by Pagans.

It is my belief that those who choose to say Happy Holidays are not trying to offend Christians. They are being all-encompassing of all religions that have a sacred day during this time of the year. That includes Christians. Why are we so ethnocentric that we cannot be respectful of other faiths without automatically taking offense on behalf of our own?

What are your thoughts?


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I am an eclectic Pagan bordering on atheist who has made her way through a number of different spiritual spaces. You might wonder what a person self-identifying as an atheist has to discuss in a religion/spiritual context – and, well, so do I. That’s one of the things I aim to explore on Ayslyn's Corner. Check out Ayslyn's Corner at Check out Invisible Ink Blog at Check out wombs in rebellion at
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4 Responses to Merry Yuletides

  1. Madison Woods says:

    This is another example of how fear causes people to react with hostility. Christians feel threatened when Christ is removed from one thing after another, especially when they thought the very foundation of that thing was Christ or the Christian God. Nowadays, though, I hear people admitting that they are aware Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas day, literally. It’s an uncomfortable truth to admit that the holiday as celebrated today is more greed infested now as a Christian holiday than it ever was when the pagans started it as a simple acknowledgement of the turning of the wheel and celebration of the return of the sun.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Madison. People respond hostility to things they fear, don’t understand, or that take a stand that’s different than their own. It’s a very sad thought though. Think of how much strife is cause by this reaction that’s taught to countless individuals.

  2. escapist216 says:

    I agree with you completely, saying Happy Holidays has nothing to do with wanting Christ taken out of Christmas, its a greeting that includes everyone. The way the world is today, you’re bond to encounter people from all different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds/belifs….why wish them a Merry Christmas when they don’t celebrate? Wish them a Happy Holiday whatever it may be. Some may say its a matter of being proud of who they are religiously and I understand that completely but you don’t have to spurt religion every second of the day, just be happy and wish others to be happy as well.

    • I totally agree! I had this conversation earlier today. Others have been telling me Merry Christmas a lot the last couple of days, and my response is usually “Merry Yuletides” or something similar. I get weird looks, but I feel like I need to say it my way. It’s not that I’m turning away good will from another; I’m accepting their good will and offering my own. I’m also offering a little rebellion to the culture that stigmatizes my faith. 😉

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