I will never forget my first trip to a Pagan store. I went with a co-worker who has been pagan most of her life shortly after I chose to become Wiccan. Viv had been there before, but I’d never encountered anything quite like that little hole in the wall place. The building itself had an other-world feel to it, and even now, remembering, I shiver. I loved it there.

Last time Viv had been there, the lady who runs the store had given her a pendant. I gathered it had been one of those things where she felt another had been in need of the spiritual qualities the stone possessed, and have given it up in good will. As I ran my fingers along the Books of Shadows, the lady asked if the pendant had served its purpose.

“Well, and it’s just the darnest thing,” Viv began, and I could feel the sudden tension in the room. “I was wearing it the other day, and it just plum fell off the chain. It startled me, because I’m usually so careful with my stones.”

There was a pause, and then the lady replied, “Perhaps it knew it wasn’t needed anymore.”

With those words, she dissolved the tension in the room, and absolved my coworker of any wrong doing. It was as simple as that. The stone wasn’t needed anymore. Twice recently, I’ve been reminded of this conversation when two of my own pendants have fallen from their chains without reason. One was my amethyst, which doesn’t have any links to be broken, and the second is my pentagram, which only has the one little loop connecting the pendant to the chain. Neither showed any signs of being physically broken, but both had loosened themselves from around my neck and nearly gotten lost.

This brings me to an interesting question: what does it mean when your pendant or stone falls from the chain? Is it a sign that you are no longer in need of whatever strength you were drawing from it, or is it perhaps the exact opposite? Then again, it could always just be a coincidence.