We each have different things within the craft that fascinate us… Learning about herbs or the metaphysical properties of stones. Tracing the stars or studying meditation. Many of us can trace our interests back into childhood, although we’ve probably learned a lot since that first glimmer, and the interest has expanded. I’ve always had a fondness for stones and candles, and the concept of a fortune teller who read the future with a handful of stones always reeled me in. I remember watching a scifi movie in between my homework one day with a wise old Norse woman who tossed her runes and moved them around in a seemingly random way and said, “Patience child. Odin’s truths are in the stones. They don’t lie, but they won’t be rushed.”

Since I have discovered an affinity for divination. Think about the path you’re walking right now, the things you want to learn, the things you already have. Think about where the gods are calling you. And then look back. Have they been calling you since you first learned to walk? Have your interests changed? Knowing your past is the first step to understanding your future.