So… I’ve been gone a while. I knew the days were stacking up, but I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten. Invisible Ink has suffered too, but not as bad as Ayslyn’s Corner. There’s no doubt life has been busy, but isn’t it always? I will admit that I’ve moved back in with my family, so my chances to practice any vestige of my faith are pretty much gone. But it’s a temporary situation, and it got me thinking that it’s one a lot of Pagans and Wiccans find themselves in, especially teens who want to explore. And that realization in turn gave birth to new ideas for AC.

How does one practice Wicca in a household that is not pagan in nature? My answer is always carefully. It’s a bad idea to burn bridges, especially between family members. And if you’re living at home on parents’ good graces…well you get the picture.

And so in addition to getting back on track with the wheel of the year, the moon and all the pagan chatter out there, we’re going to be looking at every day dealings for the Wiccan in a non-Wiccan world, including:

  • Hiding your resources and strategies for when they’re found
  • Finding sacred space and time in a crowded house
  • Conversation starters for telling friends and family you’re Wiccan
  • Techniques for shutting conversations down when they might be more harmful than helpful
  • A continued exploration into a more holistic life

So welcome back to Ayslyn’s Corner, keep writing and stay in the Mother’s light. 🙂