Tonight I thought I’d post something more practical in the way of Wiccan practice. This is the spell that came from the energies described in the last post, “On Being a Witch” and I have to say I’ll be using this spell again. As with anything Wiccan, read and learn everything you can, and then personalize that same information. Not only is it rewarding to have created your own spell, but it makes the magics wielded so much more effective.


  • You don’t need much of the herbs listed below. I don’t have access to fresh herbs, aside from the lavender, so I ended up using some of my mother’s kitchen spices. When fresh is an option, go with it. And if you can’t find them all, then substitute or leave one out. I felt like adding raw sugar was appropriate, but it wasn’t part of the original recipe.
  • You can easily write out several wishes on multiple index cards for this spell and wish for them all at once. If you have multiple wishes though, gather the appropriately colored candles and notecards.

Needed Items:

  • Candles to represent the cardinal directions (green for North, yellow for East, red for South, and blue for West)
  • Individual prayer candle (the color of which should coordinate with the nature of the wish)
  • Colored notecard (also coordinated with nature of wish)
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Burn plate
  • Cinnamon (to heal past hurts associated with wish)
  • Basil (bringer of wealth)
  • Ginger (strength)
  • Tea (to ensure fruition of goals)
  • Lavender (calm and clarity relating to wish)
  • Sage (protection and white magic)
  • Raw sugar (to sweeten the pot)

Wishing Chant

Goddess of the Moon, so fair,

I ask thee harken to my prayer,

May that which I desire be granted,

With sincerest intent, these words are chanted!


  • Cast the Circle and invite in any others who will be participating, whether spiritual or physical.
  • Light the prayer candle, and any incense you may be using. Also arrange each tool as needed at this time.
  • Place each herb in the mortar in turn, saying aloud what it is for. When all are present, grind them together into as fine a powder as you can manage. Set aside.
  • Write your wish on the index card in careful script. As you write, think about what it is you are wishing for, and contemplate things you are able to do to help make it become a reality.
  • Carefully burn the index card in the prayer candle’s flame, placing it in the burn plate to catch the ashes. As it burns, recite the wishing chant as many times as feels appropriate, and on into next step if desired.
  • Mix the ashes with the herb mixture when cool.
  • If in a place where you are comfortable spreading the herb mixture to the earth or the wind, do so now, reflecting again on the wish and/or chanting. If you wish, you may also save the mixture for a windy day.
  • Release the Circle, thanking the Four Corners and the Goddess and God for being present.


Blessed Be, and go in the Mother’s Light,