I hope you all can forgive my little absence from the blogging. I just finished a move over the weekend and things have been crazy. I’m hoping we can get settled and find some kind of routine over the next few days. That being said, onward with the last of the blogging award bounty, and then onward with more Wiccan topics! 😀

This award comes from the lovely Miss Quinn over on I Enjoy Being a Girl and in good spirits. After nominating the required seven bloggers, one of her comments suggested passing the award on to everyone. And so I intend to do the same—pass this award on to my sister bloggers. In this manner, anyone reading this post and interested in sharing the love is welcome to the award. Each one of you should know you are beautiful and special and deserve all the happiness in the world. Always smile and do the best you can, and know you are surrounded by others who love you. You are the Mother’s child.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Tell us seven things about yourself
  • Pass on the award!

Seven things:

  • I like orange things, whether it’s the color, a food or a cat
  • I’m not fond of confrontation
  • I am a caffeine addict
  • I’m about to go pull out my Wicca books and look for new topics to write about; any suggestions anyone?
  • I miss my family
  • I’m getting married!
  • I bought two beautiful pendants the other day. One is citrine and the other is jade