“I do not answer to you,” Nathander gritted out, his voice as rough as the too-tight steel that bound his wrists. He was curled into the darkness of the corner, a disembodied, anguished voice.

Cian let loose an almost animalistic growl as he rattled the bars between them. “Yes, you do! Xoe is my mate and you poisoned her. You killed my child. Were we both men of Dargon, you would deal only with me for such an atrocity,” his voice softened, becoming velvety as he painted a picture for the ambassador, “It would be quite the scandal, wouldn’t it? They would whisper dark things—after all, why would you want your own grandchild dead before she is even born?”

“Bastard!” Nathander spat. “God take you from my sight!”

Cian laughed, but it was not a merry thing. “You are dead to your god, Nathander.”

What does it mean to be dead to a deity? Does the breaking of that bond lie in a horrible act committed, or in others’ perception of you in relation to that god? Maybe it’s just the decision to sever all ties, simple and uncomplicated. What does being dead to a god mean?