Different Rituals for Mabon

So today we’re going to take a quick look at some different ritual approaches to Mabon. Originally I was planning on doing a more home-based ritual, but as I researched for this series of Mabon posts, I drifted more to honoring Persephone and Demeter, even though I have not chosen either goddess as a patron. My curiosity led me in this direction, and I feel it is the right course for me. I suggest you do the same, as you research and continue developing your own rituals. If your curiosity is peaked, or your mind drawn in one direction—follow! That’s what makes a ritual special, when you follow your heart and mind.

I also found this page with lots of fall and Mabon related images that put me in the right frame of mind to prepare for the rite and thought I’d share it.

Home and Hearth

This ritual is designed to create a barrier of safety and peace around your space, whether it’s your home and yard, or just your apartment. You won’t be casting a circle before beginning, because the ritual involves walking around your space and creating a circle that way. You’ll need a bowl of earth, an iron object for protection, and a green or brown candle.

Dance and Apple Ritual

This ritual focuses on apples and the rhythm of movement in worship. I like to think of dancers around a bonfire against a sunset backdrop, fields bare and barns full. Herein, you will direct your thanks and blessings to the four corners, the Great Mother, the Horned god, and any other god/goddess you choose to address.

Persephone Ritual

This goddess is closely associated with Mabon and the coming of winter, because Hades’ kidnapping of her eventually led to the coming night and cold each year. Persephone’s journeys between the earth and the Underworld can be symbolized in the sun, moving from its spring warmth to its weaker winter form. Regardless of if you have a patron god or goddess, you should consider this ritual. There’s something magical about honoring the gods with actual names, and personalities to go along with those names.

Stay in the Mother’s Light,



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