So… I’m not terribly happy to be writing this post, but this is something that all writers need to be passionate about not tolerating. There are awesome writers in the world, and awesome bloggers here on WordPress and other blogging sites. I love finding those people, because it’s like finding a new friend. The best bloggers have frequent content and connect well with their readers, but staying at that level of commitment takes a lot of work and hard-earned effort should not be ripped off.

Imagine my dismay when I found that one of the Pagan bloggers I have followed for a while, and quiet enjoyed reading, willfully plagiarized? The article in question was posted without any credit to the original author, and when I commented with just the link to the original article, the comment was deleted. That blogger knows she plagiarized and didn’t appreciate me pointing it out. It’s sad because now I question all the content on the blog.

There’s nothing wrong with re-blogging or re-posting as long as you have permission if needed and you give credit and/or a link back. That is a collaboration of ideas, and most writers are all for it! But plagiarism is different. Plagiarizing is ugly. It’s unethical and lazy and despicable. I write my own content, and I’ve had that content stolen before. It’s one of the worst feelings a writer can have. Stealing my words is like stealing my womb for your own use. It’s not going to fly.

Here is the original article—one which I found in my Mabon research and incorporated into my own rituals. Some of you may have noticed I actually linked back to this article in the last post. Here is the plagiarized article.

Don’t plagiarize.

For the love of all writers,