I’ve always had a fascination with herbs, but never a green thumb. I even killed a morning glory vine I planted several years ago, and those are supposed to be hard to kill. Several months ago though my mom gave me a pot that had belonged to my great-grandmother, so I decided to give herb cultivating a try again. This cute little lavender plant caught my attention, so I brought it home and then puzzled over what to do with it next. The tag in the potted soil just said it needed direct sunlight, so I pulled out some old potting soil, remoistened it, and potted the lavender. It did amazing—grew quickly and within a month I had small little purple blossoms over it. My mom watered it a little in the mornings but other than that we left it alone. (Read: I didn’t go near my own plant!)

Now it’s not doing so hot though and I’m worried about it. It was left outside during a week-long rainy period so got way too much water, and the underside of all the stems are starting to turn brown and lose their petals. I’ve since brought it inside so it can dry out, but over the past week and a half that I’ve been watching it, it’s not getting any better.

At this point, it’s staying in the 60s outside, and my research indicates they can survive the cold without too much problem. (Though I’m not sure if it being potted, and therefore not insolated by the ground, changes that.) I don’t know though if I need to cover it, water it more or less, trim it back or what to keep it from dying. So here’s a shout-out to all my more herb-wise bloggers out there—does anyone have any suggestions?