My fiancé and I are finally moving into our much-anticipated 2 bedroom apartment this Saturday and we couldn’t be happier! With all the to-do with NaNo and still in the learning curve of a new job, it occurred to me only a couple of days ago that I need to put together a home blessing spell for our new space. In the past, I have often just meditated in and mentally established my own space so that I can tell when things are amiss within, and when someone has entered without my permission, but I’ve never created an actual spell. This simple and easy rite only took me a couple of hours to research and put together, and I found a new blog in the process. The chant (which I’ve modified a bit) is curtsey of Thalassa at musings of a kitchen witch.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Time: about 20 minutes, depending on the space

Items Needed:

Sage bundle or incense

Cardinal candles

Bell or pots and pans

Salt or moon water


  • Begin by laying out your tools, either on a newly erected altar or in the middle of the largest room’s floor. Take a deep breath and look around you. Think about the people who lived in your space before, give their memories and their ghosts one final moment, and then begin to fill the space with your own energies. Envision the near and distant future within your new home.
  • Cast your circle by walking deosil through your space, placing each cardinal candle at its point, lighting it and calling to the respective corner. Once all are lit, return to the altar.
  • If you choose to light extra candles throughout the space, move now from the altar to light each of them, also moving deosil. Return again to the altar.
  • Call to the Mother and/or your patron god/goddess in the fashion that most suits your practice.
  • Light your sage bundle at the altar, and carry it around the space in the same pattern. If you are performing this ritual with a friend or partner, one of you can carry the sage bundle and the other can carry the bell, tolling it softly in each room to banish negative energy. If you are performing solo, make a second round after the sage, repeating the chant.


Touch the doorway and touch the wall,

Nothing but blessings here shall fall!

Bless the candle that stands by itself,

Bless the book on the mantle shelf,

Bless the pillow for the tired head,

Bless the hearth and bless the shed.

Friends who tarry here, let them know

A three-fold blessing as they go.

Sleep for weariness – peace for sorrow

Faith in yesterday and tomorrow.

Friends who go from here, let them bear

The blessing of hope, wherever they fare.

Doorways and windows, sill and wall,

Nothing but good in this place shall fall.


  • Leave the candles burning (if it is safe to do so) and take your bowl of salt water outside. Walk around the outside of your new home, and sprinkle the walkways and entrances with the water.


Cleanse this space, remove the past.

I’ve found my happy home at last.

 Fill this place with joy and love;

send your blessings from above.

Forbid those entrance who might wish us ill,

Sever old ties with strength of will

Welcome are those who wish others well

May they find peace and comfort, and stay for a spell


  • Return to your altar. Release the four corners and the gods in your preferred manner. Release the circle.
  • Now, celebrate your new space in a way that best suits those you will be sharing it with. This can be a breaking of bread next to the altar or even something of a more intimate nature.


Other Home Blessing Ideas

  • Suspend over the door a fresh sprig of dill, tied with a blue or red cord to prevent those who mean you harm from entering.
  • Cross two needles, and stick into or tie onto a corner of your doormat, to prevent evil from entering.
  • Grind Dragon’s Blood herb into a powder and sprinkle it on door and window sills, to protect your house from harm.