How to be anything with a job is more the question, isn’t it? Unless you’re at your dream job and the 8-10 hours you spend at work are totally fulfilling or furthering your life’s passion, work gets in the way of living life. Though, there is the glorious notion of getting paid, and that’s enough to keep most of us going back day after day. I’m no different. I’ve always believed that a typical 40+hour work week at a job is not good for one’s health, and still hold onto the idea of freelancing my way through life. I’m working on starting that now, getting a couple of different books into the editing process for publication and looking at alternative ways to make money doing things I love (like going to festivals or flea markets and reading tarot cards for others) but none of these things have convinced me to give up my day job just yet. And likely, they won’t for several more years. I have very real bills to pay, and there are very real consequences for failing to do so.

So this is my reality, and the reality many others also experience. We work way too many hours to make ends meet, and there are dozens of other things we also want to do and be. I want to be a fulltime writer. I also want to be a fulltime Wiccan and witch. I want to run my own animal clinic, and I want to get through the books on my To Read shelf. Since life has forced me to do these things part-time, it’s especially important to protect the time and energy that do go into those identities.

So how do you balance being an active witch and having the time and energy to practice around the time responsibilities of work? Of course, the answer will be different for everyone and there is no magic answer that I can give you. But there are ways to make your daily—the wake up to a screeching alarm, go groggy to work, watch the clock tick the minutes by, go home and crash on the couch because you’re too exhausted to do anything else—life magical.

  • Find magick in small things

The little things that make you smile, the quiet moments that offer a temporary sense of peace. They say happiness is in recognizing the everyday things that make you smile, rather than having some grand scheme of joy.

  • Always have a project

No matter if it’s going to take a week or a month, you should always have something within the Craft that you’re working toward. A book you’ve been meaning to read, learning to scry or perpetually practicing your tarot cards. Always have something that the ready for that spare half hour.

  • 15 Minutes a Day Rule

Along with always having a project, you need to set aside dedicated time for it. Recently, I’ve started practicing the 15 minute a day rule. This was originally an idea to keep me writing, but I’m expanding the idea into my practice. Set a timer on yourself. Work on your project.

  • Take time to meditate/work a spell

This is something I need to be better about myself. I know the benefits of taking a few minutes to meditate or practice yoga, and yet when things get crazy this is the first thing that falls by the wayside. Yet, this quiet time should never be sacrificed. Those who practice regularly know how unbalance you can become if you don’t take care of yourself.

  • Take care of yourself

This doesn’t have to be magickal, but the results can factor into the rest of your activities. Avoid stress, get lots of sleep and avoid processed foods. Go out for a walk (well, maybe not a long one, given how cold it is out) and get a pet (or three… *sheepish grin*). Don’t work so much overtime and make memories with your family and friends. Understand that each day is one day you will never get back so you need to make the most of it. There’s no place for negativity in that kind of timetable.

  • Write a spell for everything

Spells are our prayers, and we should be in constant awe of the world and the people around us. For each problem we encounter, our own attitudes and perspectives can change everything. And the things that we don’t need a spell to fix, we should have a spell to be thankful for.