IMAG0479We Wiccans are an animal loving bunch and there’s no denying it. I don’t know a single Wiccan or witch who doesn’t have at least one animal, especially cats. I’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and a turtle once. My fiancé wants pet mice, an otter, a ferret (which I think would be awesome) and a skunk. My approach to animal is open-armed and open-hearted. I want to love them all, especially the ones who have had it rough. All of mine were strays at one point. Our second mama cat, Star, was rescued from neighbors up the road after watching one of the pre-teens in the family grab her by the tail, swing her in circles several times and then slam her into the side of a vehicle. I ran out in front of several vehicles (in a parking lot, so it wasn’t terribly dangerous) chasing Freedom, but when I finally caught that little booger, he wouldn’t have let me sit him down for anything.

My point is that our animals are our children, and I would do anything to protect mine. I’ve had re-occurring dreams over the past several months about them getting out, getting lost and encountering bigger animals. Experience has taught me that losing an animal is horrible, so I decided to write a pet protection spell, and while doing my own research I found that there aren’t very many of these out there, so I hope this is helpful to you all.

This is basically a pouch spell, where you gather several herbs and a tuft of your pet’s fur, mix them together with positive, protective energies and store the pouch in a safe place. Make the act of gathering the fur one of love; tell him or her how much you love them while you brush them, or set aside some dedicated play time.

**This spell does not require a circle to be cast, only that you approach it with an open heart and perfect love, especially love for your animal**

**This spell should not be cast with your pets in the room, as it involves lit candles**

You will need

  • Yellow candle
  • Brown candle
  • Prink candle
  • Small toy or a favorite treat
  • Dried garlic
  • Oak leaf (dried or fresh)
  • Sea salt
  • Pine needles
  • Tumbled protection stone (I used Jasper)
  • Begin your spell in your preferred fashion, whether this is calling to the four corners or meditating.
  • When ready, light the brown candle and say, “This flame represents the happiness and magick my beloved friend ____ brings to my life, and the safety and love that I bring to his/hers.”
  • Light the pink candle and say, “This flame represents how our friendship will ever be.”
  • Light the yellow candle and say, “This candle represents the protection I wish to cloak this special animal with, to repel all harm and bring him/her always safely home.”
  • Carefully run the pouch over each flame, so that is become embodied with each essence. Repeat with first the herbs, then the stone, creating a bed in the bottom of the pouch. Also cleanse the tuft of fur and the pet’s favorite toy or treat and place them gently on the bed of protection.
  • Carefully run the entire protection pouch over each flame, and immediately place it somewhere your pet is often, but out of their reach.

If you have a specific fear you wish to guard against, DO NOT add a symbolic item to the pouch. Instead place the item on the altar and write a verse for it. At the end of filling the pouch and cleansing it as a whole, place your left hand over the object and recite. For example, my oldest boy Fireball always used to come back from the woods covered in burrs, such that he couldn’t lie down for days while we worked them out. I would gather two or three of those burs and say, “Burrs of wooded forest and field, you will trouble my Fireball no more, for he is protected by the magick I wield.”

Then, there’s always putting a bell on the collar, which drives them nuts. 😉