Abandoned Spell RoomThere was a time when I loved writing here like crazy and thought I would never find a reason to stop. But of course life happens. A wise man once told me that the Buddhists believe that nothing stays the same, that at some point all things shift. It was really profound to me at the time, and since then I’ve been working on enjoying each moment, because the sentiment is very true – nothing stays the same.

It’s raining right now, and I love it. I know a lot of people complain about the rain, but storms are both soothing and energizing to me. So it seems as good a time as any to tackle the things I’ve missed and get back into the groove.

The first thing that I want to touch on is that Cassandra over at Book of Shadows has offered her goodbyes to the blogging sphere. This came while I was on hiatus, obviously, and I would have missed it if Kristen had not been good enough to post the link for me. I am sad to see her wonderful blog come to an end because she was one of my favorite (and one of the steadier) Wiccan bloggers in my sphere. She will be missed on WordPress.

Secondly, I have created a new email address for use here – ayslynscorner@gmail.com. I’ve updated the About page with this email address as well, but any readers can use this as an additional way to contact me with questions, blog suggestions, thoughts, concerns, etc. etc.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I am again contemplating adding a new medium to Ayslyn’s Corner – vlogs. There are some things, like how to’s and some spell set-ups that are hard to convey in words and videos would be much easier (and probably more entertaining and interactive). So my main question here is – would you watch a vlog like you would read a blog post?

One of the life changes that I’ve made in the past month is that I’ve gone freelance. I left my corporate call center job to help take care of relatives that are getting older and to focus more on my writing, my spirituality and my long-standing interests. I’m going to be adding a page with details for tarot card readings which will mostly be done via Skype (since most of my people here are not close enough for an actual face to face meeting). I’ll post a little add-on when it actually goes live, but it is going to be awesome!

Back to the Witchy Blog Award… When Cassandra and I both published the award back in October, the reception for it was absolutely awesome! Since the initial rounds of giving, the award has stopped moving quite as much however and I hate to see this happen. As one of the creators of the award, I’ve decided to give the award out again to a handful of new blogs, which will be chosen in the coming weeks.