Creative Witch's BottleDon’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things. – Ray Bradbury

Creativity is the wellspring from which so much of our lives, both in and out of our Wiccan faith, comes from, and anyone who draws on those waters on a regular basis will that sometimes they get a little shallow.

I found a definite lack of solid creativity spells in all of my resources, so several week ago I began working on my own. There are two versions. The first, which we will look at today, is for boosting overall creativity long term, and the second is focused more on finding inspiration for a specific project. They are similar in structure and required tools, but the direction the energy is focused is different.

As you go through this spell, remember that it is important to call on and honor your Muse. You want to do homage to the Goddess and God as always, but getting your Muse’s attention and blessing is the main focus.



  • Salt
  • Orange candles (as many as you feel you need)
  • Orange pouch
  • A song of your choice
  • Creativity stone (such as citrine, amber, garnet or any other)
  • A pinch of sand or dirt
  • A tool from your craft (a pen for a writer; a paintbrush for an artist)
  • A totem (a small trinket that you feel is related to your creative energies)

Other things you can include in your pouch:

  • A tarot card
  • An energy boosting herb (like ginseng)
  • An orange note card with your desire written on it
  • A stick of your favorite incense
  • Additional stones
  • A good luck pendant or anklet



Cast three-fold space

Cast a light-weight circle around your working space. To reinforce this, sprinkle the salt on your altar, either in three interlocking circles or at three points on the surface. As you create each circle, say,

“This is for the Goddess.”

“This is for the God.”

“This is for my Muse.”

Light each of your orange candles

As you light each candle, think about your goals and the things you want to accomplish. Remember this is a long-term spell, so choose goals anywhere from a month to a year out. Once the candles are all lit, take a minute to visualize the realization of each goal, and what you would do after its completion.

Light any other candles or incense you wish to burn

Many Wiccans have a candle they always burn to honor the Mother, or a ritual incense; now is the time to employ these.

Begin playing your creativity song

This song should be associated with your endeavors, something that either gets you excited or helps you to focus on the task at hand. Put it on loop so that it plays continually while you complete the spell.

(CAREFULLY) Pass your pouch above the flame of each candle

This infuses the very vessel with your energy and intent. Once it has been passed above each little flame, lay it in the center of the altar.

(CAREFULLY) Pass each item above each flame

This infuses each of the items, which are already used to stimulate creativity, with your particular desires. As you do this, repeat the chant for each item:

“Muse of art, Muse of sound

Muse of thought, come gather round.

I summon your power, your guiding light.

Guide my hand in this creative rite.

And as I call your spirits forth,

So shall it be!”

Place each item in the bag, returning it to the center of the altar.

When all of your creativity items are in the pouch, add a pinch of sand, to ground your desires. (I also added a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, because I wanted the pouch to have a nice smell.) Close the pouch and hold it over your heart. Repeat the chant. Place the pouch in a safe place where you work.