Witch1Here in a couple of weeks our living situation is about to change again. My husband and I are moving into a house, but our apartment lease expires two months before the house will be ready, and the complex wouldn’t let us extend. So we’re moving in with his parents for the time being… or at least he is. My mother-in-law won’t let us bring our cats. So I’m going to be going back to my own parents’ house with our kitties, seven hours away, for the two months.

I’ve never fully come out to my parents about being Wiccan. I’ve had several opportunities, but each time I decided not to say anything because as much as I want them to accept my beliefs, I didn’t want to hurt them. It’s not my intent to say anything during this stay either, but I am still Wiccan going back to live in a Christian home. I’ll be there through Samhain, which means I likely won’t be able to celebrate the Sabbat.

So the entire situation got me thinking. Being Wiccan isn’t necessarily about the Sabbats, the rituals and spells, or the tools, as empowering as those are to one’s practice. Being Wiccan is a mindset, a lifestyle. When you become Wiccan, you dedicate yourself to a more intuitive understanding of the world around you. You affirm your intent to treat those around you with respect, and to care for yourself and your loved ones in a holistic way. Being Wiccan means that you want to embody the idea that “An ye harm none.” So when you strip away the trappings of the faith, being Wiccan means…


  • Greeting the trees

Being Wiccan means that you can feel the spirits running through all living things, and that you have the respect to either cultivate the plants that are in your care or leave alone the ones that have stood untamed since before you were born. It means acknowledging that there are energies much older and much more fundamental than us in the world.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

ReduceReuseRecycleBeing Wiccan means that you take an active role in caring for and protecting Mother Earth. The natural world is our temple – we have to fight to keep our air and water clean, to preserve the land that hasn’t yet been overrun with people. It means reducing the amount of garbage we throw into landfills and reducing our household carbon footprint. It means teaching our children to be responsible caretakers of the earth.

  • Being a shoulder to cry on

Being Wiccan means that you are always supportive of those around you, when they are struggling and when they are not. We don’t judge, we don’t preach; we offer a different viewpoint and talk through the difficult things. We work magicks to help heal and move forward when asked, and never trying to sway someone to a decision that might harm them.

  • Respecting others and respecting yourself

Being Wiccan means that you know where you stand (even if where you stand is in a position of transition), and you believe in yourself enough to allow yourself to explore freely. It means that you can accept that others will have different opinions, and that those opinions are not going to threaten your own stance, even when they are thrown aggressively in your face. It means always being the bigger person when in conflict and letting silence speak louder than words of anger.

  • Smelling the roses

Orange RoseBeing Wiccan means that you know how to slow down and smell the roses, how to take the time to meditate and nurture your own spiritual energy. We are continually being pushed to cram more and more into our daily lives and while the hub of activity has its place, equally important is the internal.