Guidelines to Performing a Wiccan Healing

Medical PentacleWhen you break down our Wiccan practices, there are three basic components. We focus on nurturing the world and the people around us, arranging energies and intent to end goals, and healing. So much of what we practice is about healing, whether we are focusing on helping the earth recover after a harvest or mending damaged human bodies and minds.

The second need is how I came to contemplate performing my first healing. The only healings I’ve performed were small and each was stone-based. I’ve employed a worry stone from time to time, and when I was dealing with migraines I used river stones to draw the pain out and would then throw the stone away in a simple ritual. But none of these were meant to help someone dealing with greater problems. The more need there is, the more thought and planning needs to go into preparation. That’s your first step.

Identify the root cause, not just the symptoms

As you are doing this, keep in mind that there might be more than one true issue that you will have to address. Don’t freak out if you find two or more sources as you only need to add a plurality to your healing. Let every word choice, every gesture, address each cause, so that each is acknowledged and suppressed in the conclusion of the healing. I found that it is okay to address symptoms as well if they are particularly harmful. Understand too that there will be a difference in how you address a physical hurt, mental block and a spiritual hurdle.

Choosing the correct approach

Once you have identified what needs to be addressed, you then need to figure out how best to counter those problems. You have a variety of options, from mild to the more assertive. Simple things, like healing brews and teas, can be more effective over time. A spell is designed to bring about specific results on a timetable, and a healing circle is meant to provide continuous support and positive energy. One of my personal favorites though is both a healing and an empowering technique in which you focus on the person’s inner light and, treating it like a little flame, feed it your own energy to make the flame, and therefore the person, stronger.

Do you need permission to perform a healing on another?

It is considered bad form to perform a spell on someone else without their knowledge. Doing so not only risks negative karma for you, but could also conflict with the person’s best interests; after all you do not know what else they might be dealing with, and your magick might conflict with those other things. So if you’re planning on doing a full out magickal working, yes, you need permission. On the other hand, I usually do not say anything when I strengthen another’s inner flame because it’s not magick worked with a goal in mind, and so does not have any manifestations. Similarly, making a brew or a soothing lotion would not require prior permission, only the intent and sincere wishes upon passing it along.

Gauging Effectiveness

Of course this can be one of the hardest parts of working healing magick – the waiting and watching. Magick is not an overt thing; it doesn’t manifest itself in magically knitting broken skin or the return of a severed limb. It is slow and subtle, driven by intent and fueled by the energies available. It is not a reversing of the past, but an acknowledging of what exists in the here and now. Never sabotage yourself – that is, if you do not see results immediately, do not doubt yourself or think that it might not have worked because those are the exact kinds of things that make magick fail. Believe in yourself, the person you are healing, and the Mother Goddess.


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2 Responses to Guidelines to Performing a Wiccan Healing

  1. Denise says:

    Very informative and well written post, I found some peace in as my mom is dealing with leukemia.

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