If the broom fits...I never used to think of myself as a kitchen witch, but more and more I find that the label seems to fit. Having been out of the professional workforce for right on a year now, I’ve spent a lot of time working on our home and our homelife, with one of the biggest changes being in how and what we eat. I’m making everything from scratch that I can now, with a list of things to try my hand at making as I can. As our food consumption migrated toward home, other things began to do the same, including many of my craft and online store projects. I make my sugar scrubs in the kitchen. I make my candles in the kitchen. I complete my polymer clay pieces in the kitchen. My kitchen happens to be the most natural-light lit room in the house and leads directly to the deck, where all of my plants are. So I asked myself, am I becoming a kitchen witch? And I think I am.


You might be a kitchen witch if…

  • You minimize the number of things you put in the trash

Do you know where your trash goes? Straight back into the earth and the wide open oceans. And most of what we throw away isn’t biodegradable, which means that it pollutes the very earth under our feet and endangers animals. We as witches are very concerned about the health of our planet; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle isn’t just a catchy slogan. It is our lives.

  • You fed the animals outside

As a witch, you are a caregiver to every living thing around you, including the critters outside that are only visiting your space. We put out food on a regular basis and always have at least one container of water out in the bushes, especially in winter when water can be difficult to find. (If you put food out though, make it a solid habit because putting food out for several weeks and allowing the animals in your area to come to depend on that source and then stopping is cruel.)

  • You make things from scratch you could easily buy

We all know that everything on our grocery store shelves is pumped full of chemicals. It’s hard to escape, but you’ve found little ways to start moving in that direction. Whether it’s as simple as buying whole grain when you have the choice or literally making your own bread and butter, you’re becoming a kitchen wizardess.

  • You enjoy seeing freshly stocked containers

Seeing all of your spices in neat little rows and your pantry being fully stocked is gratifying. All of those raw ingredients mean lots of yummy foods, and we all know how magical food can be. Further than seeing your own pantry stocked though, you enjoy seeing others’ pantry stocked too, because food is a universal opportunity.

  • You treat your pot like your cauldron

You whisper over it, you add ingredients with care and positive energy. You stir it constantly, and clockwise as well. Regardless of what’s cooking up in your kitchen pot, in your mind it’s the same process as making any magical brew. The better the ingredients and intent you put into it, the better the end result. After all, when you understand how magical food can be, you’ll understand actual practical magic at its most basic form.

  • Things other than cooking happen in your kitchen

This was the big indication for me that I’ve turned into a bit of a kitchen witch. Think for a minute about the things you do in a day (and the things your family does in a day), and how many of them happen at least in part in the kitchen. Homework at the table? Boardgame night? Some candle or soap making? Working through the daily paperwork of life? Your kitchen is your hub; it is where you literally make the magic of living happen.


Know of any other indications of kitchen witchery in progress?