Binding SpellRaise your hand if you’ve ever needed to just stop the negativity, judgement or unfair pressure coming off other people from effecting you. I would say that’s just about everyone at one point or another. People get stressed. People get irritated. People get mad. Under normal circumstances, time and good communication can usually clear up any tension, but normal circumstances are not always… well, the norm. There are times that call for a little witchy intervention.

This is a super easy and very effective binding spell. It can be used to bind something within yourself or bind others from influencing you negatively. This is not one of those “boomerang” spells where you reflect back at someone and thereby only magnify the negative energy; this one quite literally puts those who are causing you distress on ice.

Before you begin, you need to determine who or what you are binding, and what you are binding from. Specifics are important. Always remember you get out of your spells what you put in. For example, I used this spell to bind a specific person from causing me harm, distress, disrespect, and discomfort.

This spell can be done in any moon phase and any time of day. Try using moon water for an even more effective spell. It is also perfectly okay to bind more than one person at a time, especially if they are linked in their negativity towards you. This spell can be performed for others as well, just as always make sure you have permission before performing magick in another’s name.



  • Plain piece of (notebook) paper
  • Pen (any color ink)
  • Scissors
  • Ice cube tray (or any other container that can hold water)
  • Water (tap, distilled or moon water will all work)


With your pen and paper, write down the name of the person(s) you want to bind. Cut the names out into strips. Taking each strip individually, begin to fold the paper, saying with each fold, “I bind you _____ from causing me ______.” Infuse your unwillingness to deal with this trait from this person any longer into the paper. When you have bound and folded as much as you need to, place the folded up paper into one of the slots of your ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and place it in your freezer. As you close the freezer door, reinforce for yourself that you’re done with these people’s negative qualities.
When the ice is frozen, take the tray outside and drop the cubes on the ground. Let the wind carry away what’s left of the negativity. Feel yourself stronger, protected and more capable.


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