Spell to Heal a Wounded Tree

Over the weekend, a company came out to the house to trim back several of our trees and remove one that died. I watched them work on the dead tree first, taking it down piece by piece, careful of the house and the back deck, and was not entirely sad to see it go. It had been dead when we moved in, and breaking it down so its parts could be returned to the earth seemed a just end.

We have a grand old maple tree on the side of the house though that has been losing branches every time there’s a little wind and we were concerned about it losing one of its larger branches onto the house. The inspector said removing it wouldn’t be a problem, but my husband and I both just wanted it trimmed back some. He looked at us, looked at the tree, and said it was doable, but it would look funny. Funny isn’t the word I think of when I look at that tree now. I think sad and abused. It was one of my favorite trees in the yard, and I watched them hack entire healthy branches off in order to protect the house. And when they were finished, I felt a need to help my rooted friend recover.

Given how important trees are to Wicca, I was surprised at how few (read: one) spells I could find for helping a tree to heal and/or grow strong. So like many times before, I’ve created my own, and now I’m going to share it with you. )O(


  • Fruit (any kind)
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Cinnamon
  • Quartz crystal
  • Small spade
  • Moon water


  • This spell can be performed during any moon phase, but is best during the new moon
  • This spell can be performed during any season


Before going outside, carefully grind the three spices together with mortar and pestle. Remember to begin infusing your healing intent. Pour the combined herbs over your fruit offering.

With your bowl of herbs and fruit, moon water, quartz and spade, go out to your wounded tree while the sun is highest in the sky. The first part of the spell is mental work, so walk around the tree several times, feeling the bark under your fingertips, infusing your own strength and will to survive into it. Look (carefully) up at the sky and draw a bright thread between the sun and the top of the tree. Imagine the tree beginning to glow with health from the leafy tops all the way to its deepest roots, much like you draw down the moon.

When you feel the tree has been sustained, take the spade and carefully dig a small hole and bury the quartz. Then take the moon water and walking deosil around the tree, pour the water around the base so it may be absorbed by the roots. Once you’ve given the water, gently pour the fruit out at the base of the tree, circling it if you desire. Bless the tree one last time as you see fit. I pressed my palm to the bark again and wished it well.

Once every couple of weeks go back out to the tree with any of the above components to reinforce and reassure.


I’m not one for chants or rituals words, so they’re not included here. If you have something you wish to say during the ritual, I would suggest doing so while you’re offering the water, fruit or burying the crystal.


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