Recovery Uncertain

abstract-art-original-painting-winter-cold-by-madart-megan-duncansonEvery once in a while I come across truly beautiful poems that connect on a spiritual level. It can be difficult to communicate some of the spiritual aspects of Wicca because our faith is one of inner intuition, of feeling and quiet understanding that language cannot always grasp. This one was so beautiful, I wanted to share. )O(

Recovery Uncertain

by Charlotte Tall Mountain


My affliction began

When Columbus first set foot on this earth.

When the trees were seen only as lumber

When the animals were viewed solely as meat

And when vegetation was regarded

Primarily as produce.


My affliction continued

When the prairies were fenced

When the moon was sentimentalized

When the rivers were harnessed and

Illumination only happened by the

Turn of a switch.


My affliction continued

When soil had to be analyzed

When fertilization was chemically induced

And the hens were caged


My affliction continued

When children were seen and not heard

When stories were bound and frozen in books

When beauty and fragrance were bottled

And sold across counters.


My affliction continued

When communication had to be taught in seminars

When it was the message of billboards

That insured happiness

And peace and tranquility were dispensed

In a pill.


My affliction continued

When rhythm was a method

When inspiration was a point

When the great mystery was a murder

And stature was a challenge.


My affliction continued

When a journey was packaged and

The scenic wonders marked on a map

When pain was without dignity

And growth measured wholly by profit.


My affliction continued

When nature became a preserve

When dolphins were an amusement

When orchids were an industry

When love was a canal.


My affliction continued

When a soldier was a statistic

When a hero was a matinee idol

When the Goddess was a pin-up

And the crone a hag.


My recovery is uncertain.

Will Nature prevail or will this be a

Planet that is just inorganic and stale.


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