Tarot Card Chain Challenge

art-nouveau-00298Recently I asked the members of one of my favorite Facebook groups which tarot decks they used, and if they used different decks for different purposes. I was surprised by how varied the answers were. A newcomer to tarot cards might assume that the Rider-Waite deck would be by far the most popular, and that might be the case among those who read the cards as a casual hobby, but what I’ve found is that the more experienced readers have branched out, utilizing a vast number of decks.

My deck is the Motherpeace. I’ve talked about them before, but was surprised that none of the other witches in my FB group had even heard of them. Unlike typical cards, Motherpeace cards are round, allowing for reading the degree of energy behind a card rather than simply upright or reversed. They’re typically referred to a feminized deck, but I haven’t found that to be particularly true. If anything, the cards are just more balanced and inward focused than other decks.

So out of curiosity and in the interest of sharing knowledge, I’ve put together a short list of tarot card questions. Ideally I’d like to tag others, but I don’t know who all in my WordPress community uses tarot cards. So instead for starters I will just issue a general invitation; please take this opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with tarot cards. And please do let me know about your own posts on the subject. )O(


Tarot Card Chain Challenge Questions


What was the first deck you ever used/recieved/played with? My then-fiance gave me his old Rider-Waite deck shortly after we became engaged and I was instantly intrigued. I went out and got a tarot card for dummies book and started studying, but nothing clicked for me. I found myself having to straight-up memorize symbols and meanings and it was simply too much like school. That was when I went in search of another deck.

How long have you been reading the cards? I’ve been reading tarot cards casually for just over 4 years now and professionally for about six months.

What is your primary deck and why? My current primary deck is the Motherpeace because I find the cards easy to read and their meaning always flows through the cards.

Do you have different decks for different purposes? While I know many other professional readers do indeed have multiple decks, I don’t. I’ve found that the Motherpeace is surprisingly multi-functional.

What time of day do you like to read the most? It depends on what I’m looking to have answered. If it’s something deeply troubling I’ll typically wait until it’s dark out, sometimes waiting for certain moon cycles. Otherwise, any time of day or moon cycle is fine

Do you use any other forms of divination? Not really. I dabbled in palm reading but tarot proved to be a more purposeful choice.

What was the most powerful reading you’ve ever done? My most powerful reading was actually a really recent one. I asked the cards if I would soon be pregnant with a healthy baby, and laid out a simple Past – Present – Future spread. The cards read that I had had a deep trauma, and that I needed to be patient and still in my waiting because my desires were soon to manifest themselves.


Happy readings!

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