Loving Your Spiritual Path

It’s amazing how little things can remind you how you ought to be taking care of yourself, how sometimes it’s the things other people miss that have the greatest impact.

I spent last weekend down home in the bible belt, bringing my youngest sister back home after her annual stay with me over winter break. Talking about religion has become something of a taboo for my family, primarily because of my separation from Christianity. They don’t talk about how disappointed they are in my lack of “traditional” faith and I don’t talk to them about my journey.

But on Sunday, something happened that hadn’t in a lot of years: my dad wanted to go to church. We’d stopped going as a family after our move across state when I was about ten because we didn’t like any of the churches, and frankly I didn’t mourn it. I’d thought the notion of going weekly had truly fallen by the wayside, but in an attempt to rekindle their religious devotion, my parents have started going again.

This made me realize just how much I love my own spiritual path. I don’t have to go to a building to commune with my gods. My doctrine doesn’t dictate that I congregate with others in order to worship correctly. My connection with my gods does not require the intermediary of a pastor or priest. Where my parents need the structure of organized religion to feel their god, I am the only conduit I need to reach out to the Mother Goddess; the ability to hear and honor Her rests solely within myself.

No matter what form it takes, always be utterly in love with your spirituality (or lack thereof, whatever floats your boat.) It’s a part of who you are, and if it’s not bringing you joy, purpose or something meaningful, then it’s not something you should be keeping around.

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I am an eclectic Pagan bordering on atheist who has made her way through a number of different spiritual spaces. You might wonder what a person self-identifying as an atheist has to discuss in a religion/spiritual context – and, well, so do I. That’s one of the things I aim to explore on Ayslyn's Corner. Check out Ayslyn's Corner at http://www.ayslynscorner.wordpress.com Check out Invisible Ink Blog at http://www.whitneycarter.wordpress.com Check out wombs in rebellion at http://wombsinrebellion.wordpress.com/
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6 Responses to Loving Your Spiritual Path

  1. chefette13 says:

    I agree with all of what you have said. Thank you for reminding me of why I love being pagan so much….the Gods are all around us in very thing we do and see and doesn’t “live” in one building. I hope you had a lovely holiday time with your family.

  2. Lunapo says:

    Wise words indeed. Something that can be used on all aspects of life. If it doesn’t make you happy or offer some sense of importance, it’s time to leave it behind. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you always!

  3. Kelly Hoyt says:

    Being brought up catholic has been a confusion for me understanding where I belong. I’ve never felt comfortable in the rehearsed rituals and prayers forced upon me (almost all of which I didn’t understand) and the thought that in order to forgive myself I had to go behind a scary closed door and confess my sins to a stranger….and only then I could be free! I felt I was spiritual but always felt that I let myself down when I couldn’t commit to the weekly church routine. I found myself always feeling guilty for not going…not ever feeling whole. So, over the last several years my spiritual journey began and as I allowed myself to be who I am I realize I’m pagan and feel blessed that everything about me is falling into place. Thank you for your post!

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