pentagrambusHas anyone else seen this story about the mother who saw pentagrams in her kid’s school bus’ brake lights and freaked out? She apparently decided to call out the local school district for allowing the offensive, demonic symbol on the bus, telling her local media outlet that anyone who fears god should be outraged.

Now, I really doubt that the person who installed these lights was cackling at their deviousness of putting a Pagan symbol of protection where Christians might find it and take offense. It’s pretty obvious from the fact that these are the brake lights on a bus that this isn’t a mastermind plan to brainwash anyone. And yet, there was enough offense to make this a news story.

Anyone not living under a rock should understand that there are hundreds if not thousands of religions in the world. Regardless of whether or not yours happens to teach that there’s only one way to the Divine, there are people living right now who have different belief structures than you. So why is it not universally understood that sometimes you’re going to see things pertaining to those other religions? A part of me wants to feel sorry for the people who took offense to these little lights; what must life be like, stuck in that tiny box of understanding and fear? The more cynical part of me goes between light anger and dismissiveness, however; I wouldn’t mind someone being stuck in that little box all on their own, if it weren’t for the fact that people like that keep getting into our politics and trying to cram me into the box too.

I would ask why we cannot spend our time and energy directed to something more significant, but to these conservatives this is significant. Because Christianity is totally under attack, right?