Ayslyn’s Fertility Spell

mgDyFFMThis spell, like most of the others on Ayslyn’s Corner is one that I’ve written, so it’s been customized to include things and concepts I felt were appropriate and was comfortable with. As with any spell, you as a practitioner should never be afraid to alter what someone else has shared. Magic worked in its truest form is personal and soul-felt.

Given the loss of our daughter in April (see here and here), writing a fertility spell was a unique and painful challenge. Trying to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy baby after a loss carries a tremendous amount of fear, and any baby loss mom will tell you that if we decide to try again, we’re not going anywhere near anything that could jeopardize that rainbow. Even though I have been a practicing witch for several years now, and am no novice to working magick or writing spells, there is that worry that I might do something incorrectly, that my intentions and energies might have unintended manifestations.

I have come to realize that the worry and hesitation are good things. They tell me how important this is, and both give the appropriate gravity to the process. Yes, spell writing can be fun, and performing spells can tickle all kinds of senses. But sometimes it is okay to approach our witchy prayers with all seriousness.


Ayslyn’s Fertility Spell


Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 1 hour+


  • This is a spell to positively empower both partners and help set the stage for the act and the possibility of conceiving. It is not a spell to enchant a charm.
  • Though best performed during warm months, it can be done any time of the year.
  • This spell should be performed during any of the waxing moon phases, as this time in the moon cycle is associated with looking forward, positive energy and fertility.
  • This spell is female based; there are a number of male based spells online, but I haven’t written any at this point.
  • As you go through each step, stay focused on your goal coming to fruition. Do not allow yourself to entertain if’s, complications or fears.


You will need:

  • Fresh fruit (apples and bananas are best but failing that, your favorites)
  • Knife
  • Bowl (preferably wood)
  • A symbol of fertility (a hare charm, Spiral Goddess representation or a stone such as rose quartz are all good options)
  • Candles (silver Goddess, gold God, a green candle for yourself, your partner and the child you want to conceive)
  • Small ribbon to wrap around your to-be-conceived child’s candle
  • A green altar cloth or blanket (optional)
  • Anointing oil/body oil (optional)


Before working any magick, find a tree either in your yard or in the woods that you connect with. It should be healthy and mature, and ideally birch.

The rest of the spell should be done a short time before you intend to take your partner to bed for best effect. Begin in your kitchen (your safe space) with your fruit. Carefully and deliberately cut it into pieces, thinking about how you will make this offering to the Earth Mother. Try humming for added energy. Place the diced fruit in your wooden bowl. Once finished, take the bowl outside to your tree and offer the fruit to the tree with heartfelt desire and sincerity. (I continued humming throughout.) Linger here for several minutes and think about the process of pregnancy and birth; think about the things you want to celebrate for this rainbow and think about holding him/her after nine months.

Bring your bowl back inside, setting it aside. Begin to prepare the space where lovemaking will take place. If you have it, spread your green altar cloth/blanket across the bed. Also set up any other mood setters you would normally utilize here. Cast a protective circle if you feel the need. (I moved my altar into the bedroom for this spell because I wanted the ambience of the candles and I can’t leave open flames unattended with my cats. But you don’t necessarily need to have your altar and this space in the same place. Just remember that you’re going to be lighting candles and then getting distracted, so please be safe.)

At your altar, set your Goddess candle at the top left, the God candle at the top right, and your and your partner’s candles in the center together. Take the little ribbon and lovingly tie it around the third green candle, placing it between the other two so that they form a small triangle. Light each. Carefully take your fertility symbol and empower it, either with words, silent intent or waving it through each of the candles in turn. Keep this talisman close for the rest of the night and beyond, wearing it if possible.

While you are at your altar, and/or just before leaving your prepared space, think about the child you are preparing and asking for. S/he may not be with you in physical form yet, but is waiting to come to you when you are ready. You may even speak to him/her as though s/he is already here or can hear you. Tell him/her that you are ready and are preparing for his/her arrival.

Once this space is ready, close the door and do not let anyone or any pets enter. The next time this space is breached should be by you and your partner right before.

This concludes the preparation for your special night. It’s a good idea to explain to your partner the measures you’ve taken for the night so that he understands the importance and the need to have positive thoughts and attention to you. As way of getting things going, you might consider having him use the body oil to anoint your head, stomach and sex. No special words need to be spoken; all that is needed is his love and attention.

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    Beautiful on so many levels

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