What do you think of this concept? “Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.”

Honestly I have found it to not only be profoundly true but also rather empowering. Even taking into consideration that each person has a different threshold for what they can reasonably endure, I can say with utter confidence and grave seriousness that I have been through hell and back, and it is not something anyone would want to claim. In this way, I have moved from needing the structure of an organized religion to teach me and enable me to touch the divine into being my own conduit for whatever change I need. That’s just my personal experience though, and a transition between organized religion and free-thinking spirituality can be as simple as a single person realizing that one doesn’t work for them but the other does.

This being said, I recognize that each person needs their own unique understanding of faith, and a lot of people need a social structure for that. From an all-accepting stance, is this idea simply a divider? Or is it an empowerment tool to those who do in fact take the road less traveled?