Geeky Witch: How to Cleanse Dice

Hubby and I have been playing a Pathfinder campaign almost every week for about a year now, working hard to find the witch queen Baba Yaga and stop the unnatural, never-ending winter that’s gripped dozens of worlds (noble cause, right?) About two months ago we started another campaign loosely based on an Egyptian world that’s dealt largely with exploring an ancient abandoned city and fighting the raised dead; so two social nights a week with character sheets, bestiary books and dice.

Dice, I’ve come to realize, are a lot like stones. When you play tabletop games frequently, you handle them a lot, channeling your hopes for high numbers and your frustration over low numbers into them each time you pick them up. It stands to reason that, like stones, they can eventually have a build up of energy and require cleansing to bring things level again.

I’ve put together this list of dice cleansing options, though through my own observations I’ve found that regardless of cleansing, the person using the dice sometimes needs a reset too. Cleansing – of any object – is only as useful as the person who then tries to wield the cleared object. So if you offer to cleanse another’s dice, remind them of this, otherwise the change will likely be negligible.

Moon water and salt

Place the dice in a bowl you would normally use in your altar setting and fill the bowl either with water previously charged under a full moon or distilled. Add a little salt – I like sea salt – and stir the dice around a little. Take a moment to consciously banish the negative and balance them out again. If the bowl is filled with distilled water, leave it outside under the moon for a night.

Salt for a moon

Another salt tactic is to isolate the dice, placing them inside a vessel that can be completely sealed and, ideally, has some positive meaning to you. Place the dice inside, cover completely with salt, seal and leave sit for an entire lunar cycle.

Smudging the dice and the bag

Smudging with a white sage stick is a favorite of witches worldwide and why not? It works! Simply cleanse each dice individually, the bag you keep them in, and if you wish the dice inside the bag. This can be done either when you have a private moment, or if you’re feeling adventurous and your companions are open-minded, with them. Sometimes curiosity and group determination can be just the thing.

Will empowerment

This technique I typically employ at the gaming table, when I’ve had a series of low rolls the party can’t afford, usually from my d20. While continuing on with the adventure I will keep rolling the die until it lands on 20, at which point I press the index finger of my dominant hand onto that face and tell the dice, “This is what I want you to roll. This is what I will you to land on.”

Candle magick

Candle magick is perfect for seeing a wish to fruition – and who doesn’t want high rolls when rolling your perception check or to hit? Light a silver, white or black candle (though this should not be one of your deity candles and should be on that you reserve for magickal workings) and pass the dice individually over and (safely) through the flame. Silently or verbally empower the dice. You could say something like, “I banish all negative energy caught within and replace it with good will and strong rolls.”

Preventative measures

Finally, to help reset your dice after each session, try placing a stone inside the pouch. You could also use a little herb pouch if the pieces of herb that will end up loose inside won’t bother you. Stones that are good for this would include hematite, apatite, bloodstone, amethyst (one of my favorite cleansing and strengthening stones) or snowflake obsidian. Herbs would include white sage or some lavender.

Basically, the same cleansing techniques you could use to cleanse stones – or other witchy tools, really – could be used on any other object. The most important part is always your will, though it never hurts to set the stage, so to speak. Customizing a cleansing to the object boosts your will and makes your success in the effort that much more likely.

20150518_085319On another note, I brought in our first garden harvest of the season this morning! Spinach leaves which made my morning green smoothie and lavender and flat leaf parsley which are both hanging up to dry now. There are few things more satisfying than bringing in a harvest, even one so small. May your days be warm and full of laughter. )O(


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