Ayslyn’s Prosperity Spell

I’ve got something to confess… I did a spell for money.

20150701_142420*gasp, shock and surprise* I know, I know. A spell to attract money is something a teenager just beginning to explore witchcraft does because she doesn’t have a concept of working selfless magic. It’s right up there with love spells and make-him-fall-in-love-with-me potions crafted and offered by people who don’t under how magick works. It’s the kind of spell that’s in every commercially available book because it’s expected to be there, but most serious practitioners either don’t mess with it or heavily modify it before use.

So that’s kind of what I did. We hit a snag financially and after the initial period of discouragement, I pulled out my spellbooks, perusing for spells or spell components I could throw together and made some impromptu magick happen. As a result, this is not a carefully researched spell like most of my others; but sometimes that’s what you need to get things going. I used the spell to attract some financial assistance, but it can be used for any kind of wealth – spiritual, familial, mental, etc.


Ayslyn’s Prosperity Spell

Duration: about 20 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Moon Phase: any

You will need:

  • Glass jar or bowl
  • Green or yellow candle that can be burned down in one lighting
  • Sand or salt
  • 5 pine nuts
  • 5 grains of rice
  • 5 pennies
  • 5 quarters
  • Cinnamon
  • Green and yellow stones
  • Bay leaf
  • Pen (any color)
  • Incense of choice

Optional items:

  • Gold glitter
  • Pyrite
  • Green candle shavings

In case you hadn’t guessed, the magic number for this spell is 5 and the color theme is green and yellow. Once I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I literally went around the house and gathered up anything and everything that matched one or both of the themes.

Begin casting a circle. I don’t always cast circles before working magick but this time it’s important because you’re deliberately trying to pack energy and will into these items. Once your circle is cast, then add your sand/salt to the jar or bowl, enough that your candle is able to stand upright on its own. Place the candle aside for a moment, and in any order you wish, take several moments to bury the components of prosperity you’ve gathered, saying as often as you wish:

Copper glow and silver shine

Amongst all others, make wealth mine.

An it harm none, mote shall it be.

I added each like items together, repeating the chant almost continually throughout. Once all of the pieces are inside, place the candle. I then added a piece of pyrite on the side and a stick of incense as well. Focusing more on the words, repeat five more times, then light the candle and the incense. Now write your desire on the bayleaf; I know they’re small and kind of fragile, but the more specific you can be the better. When you’re ready, hold the leaf to the flame (CAREFULLY; it will catch quickly). Hold the leaf as long as you can, then drop it into the jar.

Release your circle and place the jar somewhere safe where the candle can burn down and the magick can work for the duration of the needed period. You may remove the components after either your spell has come to fruition, or about a week has passed.

Untitled*A word of caution: you might want to try and shove all of the items you intend to take back out (like the pennies and quarters) to the edge. Otherwise you might end up with this waxy, sandy glob. Tehe…


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  1. I’ve often found that instinctual, on-the-fly magic is often some of the most effective. Thanks for writing this up!

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