A Witch’s Wand: Charging, Care and Other Tidbits


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Today is the last installment of our Witch’s Wand series, and it’s going to feature some miscellaneous pieces that didn’t really belong in any of the previous posts. I truly hope that reading this series has given you each a deeper appreciation for this powerful altar tool – I know writing it certainly has done so for me. The whole experience has been made that much more wonderful by everyone sharing pictures and short stories about how they found that special wand. That kind of community is exactly what Ayslyn’s Corner is all about – an online forum for Wiccans and Pagans to collaborate and celebrate the faith and life structures we’ve each chosen to embrace.

Now, let’s take a look at the last round of wand advice and care.

Ways to charge a wand – The correct method for charging your wand is completely dependant upon what kind of wand it is. Soaking in salt water is probably not good for most wood wands, but charging by moonlight or sunlight can bring about the same cleansing and charging effect. You can briefly run your wand through a natural stream, or all else failing, cleanse it with a smudge stick. Your wand is probably the tool you need to cleanse most often, being the one that literally channels your energies. Unless I’m in a hurry or the spell I’m working is light, I cleanse my wand every spell. Others I know will do so once a moon, in the phase that they most resonate with.

Correct ways to store a wand – You should store a wand like tarot cards – in a special cloth or bag and therein in a safe place. This doesn’t mean that your purchased wand necessarily needs a custom bag, but considering that your wand is an extension of yourself you should treat it with respect. It’s also acceptable to leave the wand on your altar, provided you don’t have cats who like to play with it. Like…me… Do take note though that if you leave your wand on your altar, (or in general if you leave your altar setting up) you should clean away the dust and refresh the energy of it periodically.

Correct altar placement – To a certain degree, correct altar placement is determined by your current working, but a good rule of thumb is that the wand goes on the right hand side of the altar, and should be placed close to you, vertically so that the blunt end points towards you. The right side of the altar is traditionally the God’s side, so keep that in mind when you are creating your own altar layouts, and if that doesn’t suit your needs, change it up.

Correct Utilization of a Wand in Spellcasting – I’m sure you’ve heard that your index finger can work just as well as a wand in spells, right? That’s how you want to hold a wand – as a part of your hand and an extension of your index finger. I hold my wand a couple of inches from the bottom, with thumb, pinky, ring and middle finger wrapped around, and index finger straight along the wand. In this way, any motion you make really is in the wrist. (I feel like there’s a Harry Potter reference in there somewhere, but I swear the concept of wand magick being in the wrist was around before the books were written!)

When to let others handle your wand, and when not to – When I was first discovering Wicca and Paganism, I had a lot of awkward lessons. One that I will never forget came from a lady who worked at my college and who I had always admired for her no-nonsense, motherly attitude. Not long after she realized that I was exploring Wicca, she showed me one of her special pendants, and without thinking I reached out to touch it, to admire it, and she practically smacked my hand away. She wasn’t trying to be harsh, but rather teaching me right quick in her typical manner that touching another’s magickal items is a BIG no-no. In the same way, you should always ask permission before touching someone else’s magickal items, and allow yours to be touched selectively. People who have negative or overly aggressive energy about them will leave a residue that will be particularly noticeable on things like wands and stones – it’s your job to guard your items from unwanted influences, or at least to cleanse them when touching can’t be avoided.

And there you have it! Do you have any final thoughts on wands and their magickal uses? Any experiences you’d like to share?

Keep to the Mother’s light,




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4 Responses to A Witch’s Wand: Charging, Care and Other Tidbits

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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  2. Shannon Tricia says:

    Lovely article! I had that experience when I almost touched a friend’s athame in my early days too. She was super sweet about it, but I felt really bad for not thinking before just reaching out. But now I’m super conscious at least and always ask before I try to ‘look with my hands.’

    • I think most people who transition into Wicca or Paganism in general have a similar experience at some point – it’s one of those things that never really occurs to you until you’re aware of it. Thank you for stopping by and reading, Shannon! )O(

  3. Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs and Flowers says:

    As I was growing up in a very unique household; One very clear adjutant was not to touch another’s wands, crystals, etc. Even the wand maker to her or his self can suffer adverse effects {example: a very powerful wand} can zap the pooh out of yourself. I have a very dear friend who is a wand maker, and trust me when I say, they are a power-house. One in particular is made from a turkey’s foot and coyote teeth. Hoodoo magick abounds with that piece of art.

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