How To Crafts

This how to, provided on Silver Ravenwolf’s blog, is a neat, cheap alternative to buying pre-made candles. Get your hands on a wick, a fire-safe jar, some stones or other decorative items to put around the candle and some every-day-use veggie oil and you’re in business.

TipToeChick is a wildly popular lady over on YouTube who is renowned for her insight, knowledge and energetic vibes. She’s recently begin a series of introduction videos to all things Wicca, from this video about basic circle casting to herbal medicine.

These berries grew outside my childhood home, and countless times I stained my hands and clothes playing with them. Thankfully I never ate any, because they’re quiet poisonous! But their juiciness and color make them the perfect base for your own ink.

Don’t have a phone book or a hardcover you’re willing to sacrifice to a project? Try some cardboard and printer paper instead. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to pressing leaves with stuff you likely have around the house right now.

This is an illustrated guide to making your own protection pouch. Making protection pouches is a basic technique of witchcraft. The idea behind it is that you fill the pouch with protective elements and pieces of the person or animal you want to protect and store the pouch in an area where that person/animal is frequently.

These beautiful catchers can be made large or small and used for a wide range of things, from window ornaments to make-shaft dream catchers. And if you don’t want to make one, many different kinds are available on Etsy.


One Response to How To Crafts

  1. I love Silver’s blog; she has some really awesome DIY crafts! I particularly love her cat poppet! As for TipToe…. LOVE her! I follow her on youtube and facebook 🙂

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