Moon Phases

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The moon is the most important heavenly body in Wicca. It is one of the Mother’s natural symbols that we draw strength and calm from. We cast our spells and perform our rituals by her phases, we bleed with her, we change with her. Although there have been moon gods, she is forever perceived as feminine, not just because of her cyclical shape.

As the moon makes her trek across our skies, she moves through different astrological signs. The sun does this as well, but at a much slower pace, and as the moon is closer to the Earth, it is her influence we feel more profoundly. Each sign effects the magickal aspect of the moon differently, in a cycle that is ever in change. Because of this, there are times of the month that are better for different rituals or spells.

The New Moon is a time for fresh beginnings, a wiping clean of the slate. It is the birth of the new cycle. Many Wiccans perform a New Moon manifest for a particular goal they wish to accomplish in the coming weeks, and many will also meditate to remove the negative from the past month. Spells to perform during this phase include ones related to: love and romance, health, job hunting and bringing justice to bear.

The Waxing Moon contains three phases: The waxing crescent, first quarter and waxing gibbous. These seven to thirteen days are a good time for productive magick. This is a time of great, positive energy and for looking forward. Spells for this phase include: healing, luck or success, fertility rites and health, protection, counter magick, courage, wealth and divination.

The Full Moon is the pinnacle magickal time. She is at her strongest during this time. This is when most Wiccans and Neo-Pagans will perform their Drawing Down the Moon ritual. The natural world surges forward and we are filled with the need to be proactive and. Rituals for this time in addition to drawing down the moon, include: knowledge, divining the next course of action, purification, realization of past wishes and honoring the gods.

The Waning Moon is the polar opposite of the Waxing Moon. Now, we may take the time to step back and be reflective and prepare for the next New Moon.  This is the phase with the least amount of energy, and so spells should be more passive. They can include concepts like: banishment of negativity, binding spells, earth magics and warding.

Northern Hemisphere Lunar Calendar 2016

Traditional Full Moon Names



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