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A Changing of Seasons

**This site is no longer active.** One of the things Wicca has taught me is that faith is fluid and changeable. Growing up in a conservative Christian household, I wasn’t offered the mental framework to understand that other spiritual concepts … Continue reading

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Creating a Priestess Order

I haven’t talked about it much on Ayslyn’s Corner, but I’m writing a fantasy trilogy. It’s a story that’s been in my heart since my pre-teens, though it’s changed drastically as I’ve matured, so is somewhat autobiographical in nature. But … Continue reading

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Religion v. Spirituality

What do you think of this concept? “Religion is for people afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.” Honestly I have found it to not only be profoundly true but also rather empowering. … Continue reading

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Pentagrams Everywhere

Has anyone else seen this story about the mother who saw pentagrams in her kid’s school bus’ brake lights and freaked out? She apparently decided to call out the local school district for allowing the offensive, demonic symbol on the … Continue reading

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Recovery Uncertain

Every once in a while I come across truly beautiful poems that connect on a spiritual level. It can be difficult to communicate some of the spiritual aspects of Wicca because our faith is one of inner intuition, of feeling … Continue reading

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Talking to Those Who Don’t Understand Wicca or Neo-Paganism

Invariably when you self-identify with a group that is not in the majority and are at all vocal about it, you’re going to have people who are confused, curious and sometimes downright hostile, especially in faith and religion. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Before you Self-Identify as Wiccan: A Letter to the Debating Teen

Dear teen considering Wicca, Merry meet from the less-traveled path. My name is Ayslyn, and I know some of the things that are going through your head right now. Your world has been shifted drastically by some life-changing event and … Continue reading

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