Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings are Now Available!

–  via Skype or email –

I am excited to bring tarot card readings to the table here at Ayslyn’s Corner! I have been reading tarot cards for three years now and like many beginners, I started off with a standard Waite-Rider deck. I had a hard time learning the cards in that deck though. They just didn’t jive with me and I found myself having to straight up memorize the cards and their meaning. I knew tarot reading wasn’t supposed to be like that, so I went in search of a deck that spoke to me more and that search led to the Motherpeace deck. Despite the rarity of readers who use this deck (I have yet to meet anyone else who does) it has been perfect for my client readings and for my own. The cards are round, which means that you can tell degrees of the energies effecting the card, rather than just right side up or upside down, and the art on each card is beautifully innovative.

This reading can be done one of two ways. I can either perform the reading for you and email you the results OR we can Skype and have an interactive session that will last about ten minutes. The written reading will include a picture of the spread as well as a roughly 500 word description, and any additional notes or observations I make during the reading. This version will be completed within 24-48 business hours of your purchase. The Skype session can be arranged for anytime of your choosing, within reason. During the session, I will let you choose the three cards from the deck and you can see each as they are revealed. I am 100% okay with you asking questions and making comments as well. Please be aware that this method might take a couple of days to set up while we discuss preferred times and any other questions you may wish addressed.

Pricing (PayPal only please) –

$20 – 12-15 cards for full life spread; about 35 minutes

$8 – 3 cards for past, present and future; about 10 minutes


If you are interested in having your cards read or just have questions, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch shortly. Brightest Blessings! )O(


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