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Merry Meet!

To combat stereotypes and unfair labeling of Wicca, witchcraft and other neo-Pagan and earth-based faiths, many men and women have taken to the blogsphere to set the record straight and share a bit of their own practice. Wicca is not evil, not associated with the Christian devil and not something to be afraid of. This award was created as a joint effort between myself and Cassandra, to honor those Wiccans and witches who have stood up for themselves and the faith as a whole. If you have been passed the Witchy Blog award, please fill out the form below to be added to the list as we would like to see how far the award goes, and share your online chronicling.

Stay in the Mother’s light,



Multiple Time Awarded Bloggers

  • Biblebelt Witch – My favorite part of this award is the way it is positioned around building our community up. Too often lately I read about the “Witch Wars” and I give major kudos to Ayslyn for the co-creation and up-keep of this award. Blessed Be!
  • Cauldron and Brew: A Witch’s Blog


Awarded Bloggers

  • Of Gods and Angels – I was nominated by Brenna Adaira over at the Raven and the Oak!
  • Daughter of Avalon – I was nominated by Brenna Adaira of The Raven & the Oak blog. I have been nominated for the award before and it’s a great way for people in the Pagan and Witchcraft community to find new blogs to follow. I have found several through the award myself! Blessed Be to Ayslyn’s for helping raise Positive awareness within our community! Blessings )O(
  • HocusPocus13 – My Roots deep into the Italian Sicilian Culture of Magick ~ Mystery ~ Kitchen. My initiation began at a very early age of 4 when my Sicilian American Grandmother would take the kitchen chair turn it around so the back of it touched the kitchen counter or table and thus we began down the path of knowledge… Thank You for this most wonderful and thoughtful Award. Always enjoy your day with a smile…that smile makes people wonder what your up to! jinxx xoxo
  • The Druid’s Well – Wow, pleased and humbled to be included amongst such articulate company! My first award, to boot. 🙂
  • Magikos Studios – Love the idea behind this award and I would like to thank  Nightshade from The Purple Broom for the nomination.
  • In The House of Mama Stacey – A wonderful follower nominated us for this award and we are tickled! Our blog follows the daily activities and inspirations of our Pagan family. Apartment gardening, costume making, baby yoga, and drum circles. Thank you so much!
  • The Lefthander’s Path – I also think it’s important to know your audience, and get an idea of how long their attention span is. That way you can do a “sound-bite” for people who don’t want to take much time and want a quick explanation and go into more depth with people who are curious. This is something I’ve learned from my political activist work!
  • The Serpent’s Labyrinth – I won the award for my blog, The Serpent’s Labyrinth.  Thank you for getting this started up again!
  • A Wiccan Witch in the City – Oh my, thank you so much! It means a lot to me, for real. I’ve been trying to educate people about Wicca and share my experiences and… you made me sure that someone sometimes… listens. Thank you, dearly. Brightest blessings, Sophia.
  • Bohomofo – Thank you so much for the nomination, esteemed company to be in! What a great way to draw attention to the wondrous work of a witch and the difference she can make in the lives of all who cross her path. So chuffed 🙂 Kerrie xx
  • The Witch’s Corner – Thank you so much for nominating me for this award.  I’m deeply honored. You’re so right– the world most definitely needs to be educated and informed about all of these inspiring nature-based god/goddess religions…they are a magickal path that embraces humanity and fills the world with positive loving energy. Again, thank you for acknowledging me, and for your efforts to further the cause of Paganism. Blessings, Amythyst Raine-Hatayama
  • The Pagan Cottage – What a wonderful blessing! Thank you 🙂 Bright sparkly light to each and every one of you!
  • The Enchanted Solitaire
  • The Pagan Pair – Thank you very much for nominating us for this award. We’ve added it to our Awards Page. We enjoy reading and aim to write posts that are helpful and honest to pagans.
  • Cauldron and Brew – Hi!  Thanks again for the award.
  • COS Wicca Mom
  • The Life and Times of a Forever Witch – My thanks go to both you and Cassandra for creating and  subsequently nominating for this award.  Well done to you both for coming up with it. Brightest Blessings Sammi
  • Cin – 🙂 thanks!
  • The Gratitude Journal of Ms. Lilypads – Thank you, Ayslyn. This is a wonderful way for us to visit each other’s witchy or pagan-y blogs.
  • Medieval Witch Project – Hello 🙂 I have been nominated so I report myself! Best wishes!
  • Stay for a Spell – I am honored to receive such an award! Great idea to start this!!!! 🙂
  • Blausternschlonge – My blog is about my paths in Witchcraft, Magicke and the Himalayan Tantras, and contains a spattering of this and that I find interesting to share. Thank you.
  • Southern Fried Witch – Thank you so much!  This looks fabulous!  🙂
  • Lady Imbrium’s Holocron – Looking forward to seeing where this award winds up!
  • Adventures and Musings of a Hedge Witch – This very cool! Thanks for doing it! And thanks Ariadne at Cauldron & Brew.
  • Ramblings of a Hedge Witch – I have been nominated thank you!
  • the organized hearth witch – MM! Thrilled to share that I was awarded the Witchy Blog Award by Seba at the Southern Fried Witch blog… 😀
  • 4 of Wands
  • The Den – WOOT! My first award. *sniff* I hadn’t prepared a speech, I’m more shocked that I have people popping in to my little corner of the internet!
  • Cassie Being Cassie – Thanks for starting this award!
  • The Crossroads Companion
  • The Water Witch in the West – Thank you for this WONDERFUL opportunity
  • Book of Eucalypt – I was nominated by Morrighan from The Enchanted Solitaire!!
  • The Hedgewitchers – Thank you for you support of the pagan community. )O(
  • The Summer Goddess – Merry Meet to All. Wow…what an honor. To be recognized by my fellow Wiccans online. Thank you for designing and creating this award…Good Thinking! Blessed Be!!!
  • The Nemeton – This is such a cool idea! What a great way to help us all connect online. I’m very honored to have been nominated for this and to add my name to the list of Wiccans blogging about their lives and faiths.
  • book of shadows and blessings – What a lovely idea for an award!
  • the wistful dragon – Kindly nominated by Oo Chiara of the BookofEucalypt blog. thank you for doing this. it’s time the world realised that the pagan world is made up of all sorts 😉
  • Cauldrons & Broomsticks – Have had a blast being nominated and taking part in answering the questions 🙂  Thanks for starting things!
  • Darrell’s Den – Hi I have been nominated for your blog award by two individuals.
  • The Catbox – Thank you very much for this nomination – please let me know what you need from me next and I’m happy to help. So glad you liked the blog!
  • A Sacred Journey – Thank you for starting this lovely award – the logo is stunning by the way 🙂 Bright blessings, Deep~Glade
  • Up the Mountain Path – Thanks for creating this. As a new blogger it helps to build a network to learn from
  • Notes from the Underground – What a wonderful idea! Thank you for it. I am looking forward to discovering other great blogs to read. Ashtoreth
  • freak show minus tent
  • Into the Grey Mists – Just another Witchy Blog recipient. 🙂
  • Brighde’s Bright Heart – I’ve just posted about the award this morning. Thanks for starting your project, and inspiring me to share in this specific way. I also appreciate the appreciation! 😉 Blessings,Bri
  • Waldhexe’s Journey – Thanks! I think the award is a really good idea!
  • Thicket of a Witch – I was nominated for the Witchy Blog Award




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